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Enjoy, live and explore all the historical places where Jesus was born, lived, died and has risen almost the same as the time he lived there. Modern coaches, nice clean accommodations 4 and 5 Star Hotels, good food, different and unique nature, nice beaches, moderate nice weather and much more...

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Praying for Peace in the Holy Land

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Why Holy Land Tours, llc?

What makes us unique, and why to choose us

It is Safe & Secure

Over 3 million pilgrims visit the Holy Land every year without incident. We take every precaution to ensure our pilgrims are Safe and secure.

Inclusive Packages

Tours are led by a professional tour guide and bus driver, and mass or services are celebrated daily. Breakfast, dinner, hotels and airfare are includ

Live the Experience

Our pilgrimages will be an experience you will never forget. Christians have been going on pilgrimages from the very beginning of our faith.


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